Pattern Corrections

Pattern corrections are made to PDF patterns as soon as they are noticed and an updated version should be emailed to you. Printed patterns are updated in the next printing. Some of the errors may already be corrected by the time you have purchased your pattern.


The Libby Quilt

Baby Size

  • You need to cut (3) of the 3.75" background squares. When you cut them along the diagonal, this will make (6) triangles.
  • The pattern says that you need to cut (3) 6.5" x 9.5" pieces from Fabric A, but you only need (1).
Lap Size
  • You only need to cut (1) of the 3.75" background squares.
Queen Size
  • For Fabric A and Fabric I, you need 2/3 yard of fabric instead of the 1/2 yard cut listed in the pattern. 

The Violet Quilt

  • For the lap size version as the pattern is written (not the scrappy version or the rainbow version), the pattern has you cut 12 squares from each fat quarter. You will need to cut an extra square from at least one fat quarter (or more, depending on how you group your fabrics) to have enough. If you have the printed version of the pattern, I made a typo when I corrected this - it says "you will need a 13th square from some more fat quarters" and it should say "you need a 13th square from 1 or more fat quarters."

The Cleo Quilt

  • The pattern says that you can cut 8 squares from each fat quarter, but you can actually only cut 6 from each. I have updated the PDF pattern and am correcting this in the paper patterns.

The Eliza Quilt

  • In the 2020 updated version of this pattern, the queen size version says it requires 3/4 yard of Fabric H but it should say 1 yard. Additionally, you need to cut four WOF strips for Fabric H instead of three strips like the pattern lists.

The Zoe Quilt

  • The original version of the pattern listed the that you would need 2 1/4 yards of 108" wide fabric for the back of the twin size quilt, but you will need 2 1/2".

The Sylvie Quilt

  • For the twin size quilt, step 30 should read "5 1/2" x 40 1/2" Fabric L/K"

 The Erica Quilt

  • In the original version of the pattern, the cutting instructions for the baby size quilt listed (1) 3" x 38" piece but you need (2) 3" x 38" pieces. This does not change the fabric requirements or the number of 3" strips needed to cut your background fabric.